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S I T E     R E V I E W
August, 1998

New Teacher Home Page
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

This site was set up for teachers just starting out in the field of education. Users can see find information on classroom management, learning theories, finding a job, and more.

The page uses a light green background with large fonts, which are easy to read. Links are generally displayed in lists.

Each page has the same navigation menu on the left side with links to each section of the site.

The New Teacher Page was started as a resource for education students, student teachers, first-year teachers, or anyone interested in becoming an educator. Users can view the advice page and read stories, tips, and ideas from teachers already working. The site has links to other educational resources and Web sites, a section on learning theories and brain research, information on substitute teaching, and language arts links. The site is still growing and the author accepts suggestions and stories from viewers. This site can give beginning teachers an advantage in their first year in the field.