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UPDATED Jan. 25th, 2001

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Bush and Democratic Coalition Unveil Education Reform Plans
Two plans are similar but differ on school vouchers. 01/25/01

The Riley Years: Highlights of the Secretary of Education's Tenure
Included: Clinton, Kennedy, and Jeffords comment on Riley's tenure. 01/22/01

U.S. Secretary of Education Riley Reflects on Term
Riley comments on the incoming secretary of ed, vouchers, air quality in schools, and more! 01/22/01


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Bush and Democratic Coalition Unveil Education Reform Plans
Two plans are similar but differ on school vouchers.

The Riley Years: Highlights of the Secretary of Education's Tenure
Included: Clinton, Kennedy, and Jeffords comment on Riley's tenure.

U.S. Secretary of Education Riley Reflects on Term
Riley comments on the incoming secretary of ed, vouchers, air quality in schools, and more!

Boards, Superintendents Should Collaborate More
Friction among school board members and between boards and superintendents makes recruiting people to serve on boards or work as administrators harder, Dr. Paul Houston, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators, told Education World. A recent report from the New England School Development Council offers strategies to help build strong school board-superintendent teams. Included: Practical suggestions from the report and comments from officials of national school leadership organizations.

Before You Pull That Lever
Democratic candidate Al Gore and Republican candidate George W. Bush both promise to make education one of their top priorities as president. How do their proposals differ? Today, Education World news editor Diane Weaver Dunne sums up the candidates' education platforms!

Bush and Gore on Education
The candidates respond to questions about their education priorities, technology in the classroom, the teacher shortage, and more!

Ending Social Promotion -- Does It Work in Chicago?
As policy makers look for ways to fix the nation's failing schools, many eyes are focused on Chicago's four-year-old effort to end social promotion. Although more students pass the city's standardized tests, half the students who are retained continue to struggle. Nearly a third of the students who repeat a grade drop out when they turn 16.

Education World Goes One-on-One With the Secretary of Education! An Education World e-Interview with Richard W. Riley
Where does Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley get his passion and energy for education? What do the final months of his term hold in store? Then what? If he leaves the Department of Education at the end of his term, which accomplishment will he be most proud of? As the Success Express rolled along the river, Riley took a few minutes to chat with Education World. Today, we share that conversation.

What Do *You* Think of the Ed Department Goals?
The U.S. Department of Education recently released a draft of its Strategic Plan 2001-2005 -- and the department wants to know what you think of it!

All Aboard the Success Express: On the Road With the Secretary of Education
As the department of education kicked off the annual America Goes Back to School campaign, Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley urged parents and businesses to get involved in the education of the nation's children.

Americans Give Public Schools High Grades
Vouchers are out, according to the latest Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll, released yesterday. The poll found that attitudes are changing; three of every four Americans favor fixing up the nation's schools instead of spending public money for vouchers.

NEA Delegates Reject Performance Pay
Participants in the National Education Association's (NEA) 79th Representative Assembly in Chicago, Illinois, rejected performance pay this week. Delegates to the six-day convention also focused on high-stakes testing and gun control and recognized individuals for their outstanding contributions to education.

AFT President Proposes Extra Year of High School
About 4,000 members of the American Federation of Teachers are gathering in Philadelphia this week for its 76th annual conference. Highlights of the conference include include debates and resolutions about controversial teacher testing, charter schools, and a proposal by AFT president calling for an extra year of high school to help prevent high school-dropout rates from climbing.

Quality Education a 'New Civil Right,' Says Riley in State of Education Address
Calling a quality education for every child a "new civil right for the 21st century," U.S. education secretary Richard W. Riley presented his seventh annual State of American Education address February 22 at Southern High School in Durham, North Carolina. Here Education World presents the text of that speech.

Goals 2000: How Are We Doing?
So how much progress have U.S. schools made toward the eight goals established by the National Education Goals Panel?

State of the Union: The Spotlight on Education
In his 1999 State of the Union, President Clinton proposed a five-point plan to improve America's public schools.

Citizens Speak Out on Public Education
What do people think about our nation's public education? Some of the answers from two polls and a report may surprise you.

Clinton Challenges Nation to Improve Math and Science Education
On March 16, President Clinton President challenged the education community to take the steps necessary to boost student achievement in math and science. Included: The text of his speech./font>

Secretary Riley's "State of American Education" Speech
Provided here is the full text of Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley's speech delivered February 17, 1998, in Seattle. Included: An index of highlights.

Clinton's State of the (Education) Union Address
Read excerpts related to Education from the President's 6th annual State of the Union Address (January 27, 1998).

1998 Education Appropriations Signed Into Law
The 1998 appropriations bill provides "what is plainly the best year for American education in more than a generation," says President Clinton.

The Social Context of Education -- 1997
A wide range of social conditions can affect the way kids learn. A report, The Social Context of Education, examines those conditions and how they've changed over the last few decades.

Teachers Talk About Public Education Today
What do U.S. teachers think about the state of American education? How do their views compare with the general public's perceptions? A new report offers insight.

A Primer: The Seven Priorities of the U.S. Department of Education
President Clinton called for national testing in his State of the Union Address. Discussion about national testing has recently been front-page news -- but testing is only part of the story.

How Are We Doing at Meeting Our Goals?
A Gallup poll, conducted for Phi Delta Kappa, indicates broad support for America's education goals.

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Time2Act.org "is intended to encourage discussion among professionals in education, the justice system, parents, students and the community to stimulate new approaches to these issues nationwide and initiate reform."

Department for Education and Employment
Find out what's going on with education in the United Kingdom.

Education Week on the Web
Online version of the Education Week newspaper.

National Foundation for the Improvement of Education
The National Foundation for the Improvement of Education works for improving education by working with teachers, researchers, school staff and students in public schools.

On the Way to School
Articles on the current state of education in America and the world.

U.S. Department of Education
This is like having the entire Department of Education in your living room.


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