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College Prep
These sites offer tools for comparing colleges and for choosing the right college. Additional information includes tips for applying for financial aid and scholarships, safety suggestions, college prep resources, entrance exam study guides, and much more.

What I've Learned About Cultivating Parent Involvement
Educator Max Fischer has found that successful teaching often hinges on employing a wide variety of instructional methods to meet student needs. In this Voice of Experience essay, Fischer reflects on how getting parents involved in their students education also requires a variety of approaches.

Should Schools Parent Our Kids?
Should the community expect teachers and administrators to deal with problems -- or potential problems -- that do not directly affect students during the school day? Should parents want schools to take on the role of raising their kids?

New Paperback Spotlights Students' Best Writing!
The teachers of Greenwood School created Greenthumb Publishing Company to grow better writers. This year, Greenthumb Publishing has sprouted "TWIGS" (short for The Writers Inside Greenwood School), a 150-page compendium of the students' best work. With the help of School Success Press, Greenwood School families will soon have a bookstore-quality paperback of student writing to add to their home bookshelves!

New High School Phone System
by John Rosemond
North Carolina family psychologist John Rosemond, whose weekly column appears in approximately 200 newspapers nationwide, is a nationally recognized expert on parenting. 01/23/01

Site Reviews

The recipient of many awards, EduPuppy offers plenty of resources for parents and early-childhood educators. --07/6/2001

This site's goal "is to inform girls, their parents, and educators about how girls can get the most out of their education." --04/04/01


Community Involvement
This Administration Articles Archives page has a list of articles related to Parent and Community involvement in the schools.

Parent Issues
Here you'll find Education World Curriculum Articles related to parent involvement, home schooling, and more.


Ballot Measures Lead To Heavy Spending, Lobbying
Controversial ballot initiatives drew attention in Arizona, California, Michigan, and Oregon 11/9/00

Is Nationwide Pre-K on the Way?
Georgia is on the right track with its all-day, free prekindergarten program, say parents and educators. Future school reform should include universal prekindergarten nationwide, according to Head Start founder Edward Zigler and U.S. Department of Education Secretary Richard W. Riley.


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