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July 2001

Note: EduPuppy and Education World teamed up in June 2003 to produce a new Early Childhood Education newsletter. To learn more about our partnership and the newsletter, go to our newsletter signup page.
The review below of EduPuppy was published in July, 2001.

GRADE LEVEL: Pre K-2, Parents

Billed as "Everything for Early Childhood Education Preschool-Grade 2," this site lives up to its promise. It offers a large database of pre-screened sites appropriate for early-childhood educators, kids, and families.
Lots of bright, lively colors and cute graphics make this site appealing.
On this easy-to-navigate site, users search by categories and keywords and can view results sorted by user popularity. Categories are listed alphabetically on the main page, and there is a navigation bar at the bottom of internal pages for moving within the site.
This is a great resource for any teacher or parent of young children. The comprehensive database includes more than 50 categories that cover everything from activities, grants, and funding to standards and assessments to theory and practice and much more. Visitors can browse through the categories or go to the alphabetical list of keywords. All links are pre-screened and annotated. An easy-to-use online tool helps users create a custom hotlist to use in the classroom. Free clip art and wallpaper are available for download, and a weekly newsletter helps keep visitors informed.