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S I T E     R E V I E W

March 2001

GRADE LEVEL: 6-12, Parents, Professionals

"The goal of EducatingJane.com is to inform girls, their parents, and educators about how girls can get the most out of their education."
The mostly-text site uses color for interest. It does have banner ads.
The site has areas for girls, parents, and educators, with text links for each displayed on the main page. There is a left-side menu for navigating to other areas of the site.
This site changes his-tory to her-story! It is a place for girls to learn about women's role in history, explore career options, learn to stay fit, and have their articles published. The Study Hall offers a collection of links for homework help in the subject areas. There are also E-mail Discussion for Girls, Parents, and Educators. Parents can read tips on how to help their daughters succeed and ideas for preschool fun (science and math activities parents can do with their children). Teachers will find a collection of Web lessons on women in history.