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Education Week on the Web

Online version of the Education Week newspaper.

Large graphic sections, colorful.

Main menu at the top of each page, provides site map and help menu.

The newspaper describes its goal as "nothing short of being the place on the World Wide Web for people interested in education reform, schools, and the policies that guide them". This site works toward that goal. The "This Week's Links" section has the headlines and relevant links of stories taken from the print edition of Education Week that mentioned that further information was available on the Education Week Web site. Additionally, links for other stories are available in the "This Week's News" section where users can read the stories on-line and also find links from previous issues. The In Context section has the following additional information : "Issues" -- background papers on key education topics "States" -- facts and articles about each state; "Best of the Web" -- selected links to education sites on the Web; "Glossary" -- education jargon in laymen's terms and "Organizations" -- descriptions of the many education organizations out there. Two additional sections include "Teacher Magazine" which is an online version of the print magazine and "Special Report" which has a "report card on the condition of public education. If you enjoy the print version of Education Week you definitely need to check out this site. If you've never seen Education Week before you're certain to enjoy it too!