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Color Theory
This site has "lots of color information and activities." 11/30/2001

American Field Guide
Provide a wilderness experience through the video clips and lessons at this site. 11/29/2001

Fear of Physics
Physics made easy! 11/28/2001

Online Directory of ESL Resources
"An online reference for the most useful ESL resources primarily for teachers and students." 11/27/2001

User's Guide to the Declaration of Independence
Grades 6-12
What's so special about the Declaration of Independence? This site explains! 11/26/2001

The BookHive
Grades Pre-K-6
This site is specifically for "children, their parents, teachers or anyone interested in reading about children's books." 11/20/2001

Kindergarten Kafe
Grades Professional
A wealth of ideas and resources for kindergarten teachers. 11/19/2001

Grades 6-12
Explore the human body! 11/16/2001

Ersys (Earth Resource System)
Grades 6-12, Advanced
Demographic and geographic data on U.S. cities offer a wealth of curriculum ideas. 11/15/2001

American-Canadian Mt. Everest Expedition
Grades 3-8
Attempt to scale Mt. Everest through the team's journal entries and lesson plans. 11/14/2001

EZ Instructions
Grades 9-12, Professional
Instruction sheets for common computer programs -- for novices. 11/13/2001

Club Drugs
Grades Parents, Professional
Facts and statistics about popular drugs, such as Ecstasy, used at raves and dance clubs. 11/12/2001

Art for Peace
Grades K-12
"An effective way to encourage kids ... to think positively about peace." 11/9/2001

Field Trips Site
Grades K-12
When you can't take your class on a field trip, go virtually! 11/8/2001

Cory's Paintbox
Grades Pre K-2
An online coloring site for very young children. 11/7/2001

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics
Grades 9-12, Advanced
A free online statistics textbook. 11/6/2001

What Kids Can Do
Grades 6-12, Advanced
"Powerful learning with public purpose": Students and adults work on real issues. 11/5/2001

Bucket Buddies
Grades K-5
Grab your bucket and join kids around the world in this collaborative environmental project. 11/2/2001

Grades Pre-K-12
Artsonia boasts the "world's largest student art museum on the Internet!" The site displays artwork from students in more than 80 countries. 11/1/2001