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November 2001

Color Theory
This site has "lots of color information and activities."


Color Theory for Kids is an online lesson for reviewing or learning about how to mix colors and put them together in artwork.
The site uses wide margins and nice graphics to keep the pages neat and easy to navigate.
A table of contents on the main page provides access to the major areas of the site, or users can navigate through the lesson sequentially by following the arrows at the bottom of each page. A bottom navigation menu is available on all pages.
These pages were put together to meet the Virginia state standards in visual arts, but they are appropriate for art students anywhere. The lessons were created to be followed in a linear progression using online interactive sites, examples of artwork from the masters and from students, and print or online puzzles and quizzes. The lessons cover such concepts as the color wheel, mixing, schemes, and mood. The Artroom Activitiesgive students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn in the lesson. Activity topics covered in the Artroom include Re-Chroma That Character, Non-Objective Paintings, and Feeling and Mood in Paintings. Teacher Resources and Examples of Color Schemes in Master Paintings are also included.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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