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November 2001

Field Trips Site
When you can't take your class on a field trip, go virtually!


The Field Trips site features virtual field trips for the K-12 educational community.
This site isn't very glitzy, but it does deliver just as promised, virtual field trips in science and other subjects.
Users can easily navigate the site by following the front-page link to the list of field trips. Each internal page has a top and a bottom navigation bar.
It's no secret that field trips are great learning experiences for students, but they are not always possible because of time, distance, and expense. This site solves that problem with virtual trips to such destinations as the desert, the rain forest, oceans, salt marshes, and much more. Each virtual tour was developed with students in mind but also provides teachers with resources and curriculum objectives. Teachers can first take a Teacher's Resource Tour to find ideas for using the field trips in the classroom. These tours were developed using TourMaker software from Tramline, Inc. A preview copy of the software can be downloaded from the site and free online training in its use is available.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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