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S I T E     R E V I E W
January 2001

Youth Net

At Youth Net, students can collaborate on projects. Youth Net hosts K-12 interactive projects free of charge on its server.

This site is not very glossy, but it is easy to navigate and offers a list of interactive projects for the K-12 classroom and beyond.

The site is organized into a simple annotated table of contents on the main page.

Youth Net can help users turn classroom projects into global projects by hosting them free of charge. This may be a solution for those classroom teachers who don't have access to a school server. The pages include annotated lists of available K-12 projects, sorted by month; continuing projects that are available; and links to continuing education classes. Youth Net will also create a free homepage for a user's school or class. The resource page is rather dated, but it does include a fairly large collection of lesson plans, sorted by subject and grade level, that were written by teachers attending the Columbia Education Center Summer Workshops.