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November 2001

Ersys (Earth Resource System)
Demographic and geographic data on U.S. cities offer a wealth of curriculum ideas.
GRADE LEVEL: 6-12, Advanced


Provided by a marketing research company, this site makes available a large database of demographic and geographic data.
This professionally designed site has a clean layout that is both appealing and user friendly.
Information is easily located by choosing a state from the drop down menu or the text menu at the bottom of the page and then clicking on the city of choice.
Although this site was developed to provide information to businesses and travelers, teachers can find many classroom applications for the data. Information on demographics, communication, education, environment, housing, labor, weather, transportation, and much more is available for more than 1,300 cities across the United States. Teachers can develop authentic learning experiences for their students on environmental issues such as the study of air quality or political and social issues such as crime, home ownership, or income in major U.S. cities or their own hometown. Marketing students can analyze the data for a particular area to choose the best site for a new business, and political science students can compare and contrast the voting patterns of a locality. Information is presented in easily understood maps and tables and links to other relevant information are provided.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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