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Teacher Focus
Network with other teachers.


Teacher Focus is a collection of forums, classifieds, lesson plans, and other resources.
The site is visually pleasant, with a neat layout and appropriate colors.
The areas of the site are accessible via the links in the top navigation bar. The forums are clearly grouped into different categories.
This is well-organized education resource and a good place to find contacts with other teachers and share ideas. Most of the posts seem to be helpful, with good questions and good advice. For users not familiar with forums, the FAQ is quite complete and helpful. The forums on this site (New Teacher's Place, Educational Technology, Science and Mathematics, Literature and Humanities, Higher Education and College Preparation, Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Middle School, Special Education, Online Education, etc.) cover a wide variety of topics. The Teachers' Lounge: Off Topic Conversations forum is described as the place to discuss important issues, such as current events, school violence prevention, and professional development opportunities. The lesson plans and other resources on the site are organized by topic or school subject area.

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