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American Field Guide
Provide a wilderness experience through the video clips and lessons at this site.
Grade Level: 6-12


The American Field Guide, produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, features more than 1,400 video clips of outdoor programming from public television stations around the country.
This site has a consistent color scheme and layout that makes it user friendly. Visitors will need RealMedia Player or WindowsMedia Player to view the videos. Both are available for download at the Help section of the site.
Visitors can easily navigate by browsing the major topic categories or searching by keyword. The topic index appears on the left side of the pages, and a top navigation bar directs users to other areas of the site. Each topic is further divided into sub categories.
The American Field Guide has a wealth of information and materials that can be used to supplement science and social studies curriculums. It is divided into eight major topics: Plants, Animals, Ecosystems, Human History, Livelihoods, Earth and Space, Public Policy and Recreation. Teacher Resources provides lesson plans that tie the videos into units on such topics as floods, mammals, landfills, and volcanoes. Each unit has several activities that are tied to national standards and include background information, a pre-teaching activity, a classroom activity, discussion questions, and links to relevant resources. The unit and lesson plans are aimed at middle and high school students, but the videos could be easily incorporated into the elementary curriculum. This is a site that science teachers will want to bookmark for future reference.

Reviewed by Hazel Jobe
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