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Story Prompts for Beginners In Reading and Writing

Subjects: Arts & Humanities: Language Arts
Grades: Pre-K, K-2

Brief Description

Students dictate or write stories in response to 15 story starters designed to develop language skills.



  • respond to a story starters about a dinosaur, present, pet store, puppy or another topic of interest to primary-grade students.


story starter, language, dictation, dinosaur, pet

Materials Needed


  • printable work sheets from the Web site referenced in the Lesson Plan section below

Lesson Plan

Each of the story starters at the Language Development site contains an illustration, the first few words of a story, and space for writing an ending. These story starters can be found at Language Activities, 3-5 Years.

Following are some additional resources that might prove helpful to you.

Story It


Students will share their stories with their classmates.

Lesson Plan Source

Early Childhood Development Guide and Activities


National Standards


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Originally published 01/11/2002
Last updated 06/02/2010