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The push is on in schools across the U.S. to improve students' writing skills. This week, Education World provides five lesson plans to support that effort. Included: Lessons that involve students in interviewing, editing, building vocabulary, and more. Plus story starters for all grades.

This week, Education World offers five lesson plans for teaching writing skills across the grades. Click any of the lesson headlines below to access a complete teaching resource.

The activities below can be adapted for use at many grade levels; the grade levels indicated in parentheses simply indicate those grades for which each lesson is best suited.

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Who Works at Our School?
Students interview members of the school staff, then create a bulletin board introducing those staff members to the entire school community. (Grades K-8)

Dead Word Wall Kills Overused Words
Invite students to attend a funeral for the words they overuse in their writing. Included: Two extension activities. (Grades K-12)

Ten Prompts for Student Writing
Motivate student writing with ten writing prompts. (Grades K-12)

Be the Editor!
Students search for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors in a work sheet about famous black Americans. (Grades 3-8)

Story Starters for Beginning Readers and Writers
Develop language skills in young readers/writers with 15 illustrated story starters. (Grades Pre-K-2)


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Originally published 06/24/2002
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