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Roller Coaster Roundup

Subject: Mathematics
Grade: 3-5, 6-8
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Brief Description
Students complete a chart showing the characteristics of roller coasters and answer questions based on the information in the chart.

Students create a chart of roller coaster statistics, use information in the chart to answer questions, and compare English and metric measurements.

roller coaster, chart, statistics, metrics, amusement park

Materials Needed
computers with Internet access, Roller Coaster DataBase or printouts of appropriate pages, Roller Coaster Fact Sheet

Lesson Plan
Have students explore the Roller Coaster DataBase, or provide them with information printed from the database, and ask them to fill in the missing information on the Roller Coaster Fact Sheet. Then have students answer the questions below the chart.

Assess students based on the information on the completed work sheets. See the Roller Coaster Fact Sheet Answer Key.

Lesson Plan Source
Education World

Submitted By
Linda Starr


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Updated 6/02/2011