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Create a Safety Slogan and Poster

Subject: Language Arts, Visual Arts, Safety
Grade: K-2, 3-5
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Brief Description
Students read about safety in the woods and learn the slogan Hug a Tree and Survive. They then write a slogan and design a poster for another summer safety concern.

Students learn how to stay safe in the woods, determine the most important safety precautions for other summer activities, and create a slogan and a poster to help other children learn about summer safety.

safety, summer, poster, slogan

Materials Needed
computers with Internet access, Safety in the Woods: Hug a Tree and Survive or printouts of the safety tips, poster board, crayons or markers

Lesson Plan

  • Ask students to explore the safety tips at Safety in the Woods: Hug a Tree and Survive or read the tips you have handed out.
  • Discuss the tips and talk about the importance of each.
  • Point out the slogan Hug a Tree and Survive, and help students realize that the slogan emphasizes the most important tip about safety in the woods.
  • Arrange students into groups, and ask students in each group to choose an activity they might participate in during the summer, such as boating, swimming, camping, barbequing, playing sports, using playground equipment, and so on. Have each group work together to create a safety slogan for that activity.
  • Distribute poster board and markers. Have students in each group create a safety poster centered on the slogan they have written.
  • Display the completed posters on a classroom bulletin board.

Evaluate students on the completed posters and on their individual contributions to the group.

Lesson Plan Source
Education World


Submitted By
Linda Starr


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Updated 6/02/2011