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Where in the World Are We Vacationing?


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  • Measurement
  • Geography


  • 3-5
  • 6-8

Brief Description

Students use longitude and latitude coordinates to locate vacation destinations.


Students apply their knowledge of latitude and longitude to identify some favorite vacation destinations.


longitude, latitude, vacation

Materials Needed

Various maps (atlases, globes, etc.) that show longitude and latitude

Lesson Plan

  • Provide each student with a copy of the work sheet(s). Where in the U.S. Are We Vacationing contains only U.S. destinations. Where in the World Are We Vacationing includes worldwide destinations and requires a world atlas.
  • Students might work individually or in small groups to complete the work sheet(s).
  • As a supplementary activity, students might list some of their summer vacation destinations; then the groups can use atlases to pinpoint the longitude and latitude coordinates for each of those locations.


A grade of 80 percent (eight out of ten places correctly identified) indicates mastery of the skill.

Answer Keys

Where in the U.S. Are We Vacationing? 1. Florida, 2. Wyoming, 3. Maine, 4. Illinois, 5. Arkansas, 6. Alaska, 7. Michigan, 8. Texas, 9. Oregon, 10. Hawaii.

Where in the World Are We Vacationing? 1. Brazil, 2. Norway, 3. Egypt, 4. India, 5. New Zealand, 6. Greenland, 7. Iran, 8. South Africa, 9. Greece, 10. Spain.

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Education World

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Gary Hopkins




Last updated 06/13/2017