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TGIF #16
--- Is the four-day school week coming your way?
--- If you or your K-12 students love jigsaw puzzles
--- Summer recreational reading made easy

TGIF #15
--- Free tool for kids who are frazzled by fractions
--- First the food pyramid, now an exercise pyramid
--- Ten myths about students and writing

TGIF #14
--- Getting the "hang" of geography, state by state
--- All set for the National Spelling Bee?
--- Activities for building students' teamwork skills

TGIF #13
--- 100 report card comments and the Titanic disaster
--- Tom Chapin song disses NCLB, testing; promotes the arts
--- "Smart" teachers make use of Foxworthy game show

TGIF #12
--- Use the Timer-nator for math-practice fun
--- School libraries: their connection to achievement
--- Teaching ideas for Laura Bushs new kids book

TGIF #11
--- Should parents be required to volunteer in schools?
--- Get your free posters of "Fabulous Teachers"
--- Resources for a happy b-EARTH-day

TGIF #10
--- Just in time for Library Week (April 13-19), 20+ favorite read-alouds
--- Professor Joe Martin offers a prescription for staying motivated
--- You need to entertain kids if they are to learn. True or false?

--- Telling a person's shoe size without looking at his foot
--- Becoming a super speller overnight has its drawbacks
--- What lessons could Machiavelli teach K-12 educators?

--- Help kids learn with "Miracle Grow for the Brain"
--- When you think you're about to lose it, just
--- Got a minute to teach kids to tell time?

--- Math Nights add up to achievement gains
--- Rapping students put an end to student cussing
--- Best books for teaching about April Fools

--- Use a banana to teach cause and effect
--- Can you pass the cultural literacy test?
--- Fun tools for teaching about BIG numbers

--- A "mnew" mnemonic helps students learn all 11 planets
--- Plan an a-maze-ing classroom competition
--- Get ready for TV's Survivor in the Classroom

--- New Jersey teachers win big paycheck (in state lottery)...
--- Essay contest challenges students to think about their futures...
--- Online Word Builder game spells f-u-n as it builds spelling skills...

--- Teachers book wins coveted Newbery Medal
--- Using Bubble Wrap as a teaching tool
--- MATHO is much like BINGO, but with math!

--- "The Educator Motivator" asks you to think back a few years...
--- For Valentine's Day, try this "candy heart" writing activity...
--- Have you seen Rick Wormeli's differentiation podcast?

--- Teacher boycotts state tests. Would you?
--- Youll know youve been sitting too long at that computer when
--- This teachers ESL/ELL site is worth a special visit.