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Friday, February 22, 2008

Youve made it through another week. Its time to rest your brain, have some fun, explore some new resources kick back and start your weekend off on a light note!


Dozens of new postings this week, same as every week! Among the great resources you'll find this week

Plan a Special "Read Across America Day"
Find plenty of great activity ideas or use one of eight fun reading theme ideas.

What Is a Podcast?
And how can you use podcasts in the classroom? A simple how-to guide.

Making Kids "Fit To Be Taught"
What is the "Principal's Pledge for Good Nutrition"?

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How close are you to writing your first childrens book?
Id love to have time to give it some thought.
Ive got an idea Ive been working on.
Not in my wildest dreams will I ever be a published author!


Did you catch the news about this year's Newbery Medal winner? Each year, the American Library Association awards its Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village. In an effort to excite her fifth graders about their study of the Middle Ages, Schlitz sought a play the students could perform. When she couldn't find anything suitable, she created 16 young characters who might have lived in an English Village circa 1255. She wrote monologues that informed as they entertained her students. After years of having her students perform the monologues, Schlitz decided to try to get them published. And the rest, as they say, is history. (See the related News for Kids article from Education World, Grab a Winning Book to Read on March 3).


I'll bet you missed Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on January 28? Don't feel bad, so did we. But many teachers were tuned into the day. Especially those who challenged their students to be part of this year's Bubble Wrap Competition for Young Inventors. If your students did not participate this year, you might make a note and consider entering next fall. Watch the Competition site for details. And in the meantime go on using Bubble Wrap for all your packing needs and for stress relief. When things get rough, the toughest teachers among us grab some bubble wrap and pop away. What, no bubble wrap handy? If you don't keep a drawer full, sanity is as close as a mouse click. Go ahead and pop away to your heart's content on this virtual bubble wrap.


All kids love BINGO. In this week's "catch," called MATHO, teachers can provide a fun way to reinforce math skills. In this game, students compete against the clock to solve simple addition problems. How quickly can they get five correct answers in a row? Pair up students and let them compete for the best times. If your students need reinforcement in other areas of computation, there are MATHO versions for multiplication and division too. (Note: On first click, it might take as much as 30 seconds for the Java applet to load a game. Once loaded, though, new games load very quickly.)

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Each year, members of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) vote one book to receive the group's Principal's Read Aloud Award. This year's vote is just in! Principals from across the country chose Buy the book.


Maybe Monday will be a good day to approach your school or district leaders about attending one of these upcoming conferences put on by well-known national associations.

Reinventing Schools: Courageous Leadership for Positive Change
This national conference of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) is scheduled for March 15-17, 2008, in New Orleans.

Beyond Standards: Reaching Every Child's Potential
The annual conference of the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) will be in Atlanta, Georgia, from March 26 - 29, 2008.

A Treat for the Eyes
The annual conference of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) will be in New Orleans, Louisiana, from March 26 - 30, 2008.

Bridge to the Future
The annual conference of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTE) will be in Boston, Massachusetts, from March 27 - 30, 2008.

For a more complete list of upcoming conferences, see our Conventions and Conferences Center. If your national non-profit organizations conference should be listed there, send an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to include it in our rotation so long as it is open to all educators and/or administrators (not only members).


Do you sense the sibling love in this week's Leave 'Em Laughing entry?

My daughter's 5th-grade class had been studying astronomy. One morning at breakfast she announced, "On Friday we're having a quiz on the moon."

That got her little brother's attention, as he piped up, "Are you gonna let her go, Mom?"

Now go and enjoy your weekend!