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Math on the Web

Math Competitions
A little competition can inspire math students to greater achievement. This week, Education World highlights more than a dozen math competitions or contests, one of which might be the one to motivate your students.

Math Facts Online Resources
While surfing the Net to put together this week's lessons, we came across many terrific teaching resources that will help you reinforce students' math-facts knowledge. Click a link for fabulous math-fact resources.

Middle-School Math
Studies show that many students become turned off by math when they reach middle school. It is particularly important that teachers at this level engage students in math instruction and involve them in their own learning. These sites do just that!

Math Homework Help
If your students are bringing in math homework riddled with errors and misconceptions, consider encouraging them to check out one of these sites, offering formulas, tutorials, practice problems, and personalized expert advice.

Math Sites for PreK-2
Are you having trouble finding appropriate ad-free Web sites for your preK-2 math students? Are you looking for different ways to teach some basic math concepts? Check out these sites designed for preK-2 students -- and their teachers.

Cool Math Sites for Kids
Do your students complain that math is "boring" or "too hard?" Change their minds with the activities at these interactive math sites, where math isnt so much a "subject" as a fascination field for exploration.

According to the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, "the average student who graduates from high school lacks basic skills in the management of personal financial affairs." These sites will help students with such finance basics such checking accounts, taxes, saving, budgeting, more.

Real World Math
This short list of math sites offers students and teachers access to an extensive array of standards-based curriculum materials, lesson plans, worksheets, and interactive activities for supplementing the curriculum or the fun.

Math Across the Curriculum
Dozens of math-related Internet sites that will add to your lessons and multiply your effectiveness! Included: Sites for teachers of K-3, 4-6, and 7-12. Also Games for Math Whizzes and More Math Resources for Teachers.