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Is The Current Evaluation of Teachers A Farce?

"Teachers should not be expected to be police officers. That may not be fair, but that is how the world works."

Educator Argues: What a Teacher Score Doesn't Tell Us

"I was told I’m 'highly effective' and given a $230 bonus. In case you’re wondering, that’s about half what the average teacher spends of his or her own money on school supplies per year," said Blazer. "Even though I don’t understand my 37.5, I do know a lot more about than I did last year about value-added formulas. I left the classroom and I’m currently in a doctoral program in education."

Mobile Platform Speakaboos to Launch App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Speakaboos, an award-winning mobile education platform, has launched an app for iPhone and iPod touch, bringing children's stories through interactive storybooks.

Google Classroom Opens Doors to All Educators

Google Classroom has officially opened up its doors for all educators with a Google Apps for Education Account. Classroom allows teachers to easily organize and facilitate their classroom.

Do you think 10 is a good age to start teaching sex education?

Study Suggests Sex Education Classes Should Start at Age 10

According to a study conducted by Georgetown University, the best age to start teaching children about sex education is 10-years-old.

OpenStax Moves to Bring Free Digital Textbooks to High Schools

OpenStax, a non-profit dedicated to providing free digital textbooks to college students, its moving its sights to K-12 education. The organization will soon provide high school students with the same free product.

Fordham Institute Report Highlights Non-Teacher Educators

A new report finds that the number of non-teaching staff in American public schools has increased in the last 40 years by 130%.

Tech Site Offers 10 EdTech Tools for the Fall

EdSurge.com offers teachers a look at some of the top technology tools for educators to use this fall.

Teacher Gives 18 Tips for New Teachers

"Be confident and share your ideas with colleagues. Just because you're new doesn't mean you don't have anything to bring to the table--quite the opposite, actually; a fresh mind can invigorate a curriculum. Your colleagues ought to be just as eager to learn from you as you are to learn from them."


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