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Is The Current Evaluation of Teachers A Farce?

Is The Current Evaluation of Teachers A Farce?

How teachers are evaluated has been a popular debate in school districts across the nation. Teachers and administrators alike are asking whether or not the systems they are using is the best practice to creating better schools in the country. 

For school districts in Delaware, something isn't working right, said an article on The fact that all teachers rank above average or the claims that the key to success are highly effective teachers is "simply not true," the article concluded.

"If that last claim were true, Delaware's students would be far above the national average in performance," said the article. "After all, the latest results of teacher evaluations show 48 percent of the state's teachers were rated "highly effective" and 51 percent were rated "effective." So why aren't the SAT scores higher, the dropout rate lower and the number of remedial courses Delaware college students have to take fewer? The fact that they are not is alarming." also suggested a third reason to explain the disconnect is that the evaluation system is "deeply flawed."

The school system, the article said, faces enormous challenges. Teachers and administrators are right in pointing out the problem at hand. 

"Teachers should not be expected to be police officers," the article finished. "That may not be fair, but that is how the world works. If the education establishment is going to maintain that the teacher is the most effective agent in giving our children a chance to compete in the competitive world of their future, then it makes sense that there should be some kind of accountability, some connection between the rewards and the desired outcomes. Otherwise, it is a farce."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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