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Online K-12 Cyber Schools Face a Number of Challenges

Although growing in numbers, cyber schooling still has to overcome a number of challenges before fully impressing K-12 schools.

Poll: Are You Looking Forward to the New School Year?

Are you looking forward to the new school year? Tell us why!

Teacher Explains Accountability Under 'Washington Post' Article

"You simply cannot take a population of ANY group of people and expect across the board outcomes. It just doesn’t happen unless there is some form of selecting the incoming candidates. Even there you are still going to have a variety of outcomes because there are so many incoming variables that are beyond our control."

Teachers Undergo Firearm Training for New School Year

"We take people who have never picked up a firearm before, and we train them," said Greg Martin, CEO of Shield Solutions. "When we're done with them, they're better than most of our law enforcement."

California Schools Join National Mobile Technology Program

Schools in California are participating in a program called Verizon Innovative Learning Schools where students and teachers are given iPads to use in the classroom and at home to enhance learning experiences.

Organization Helps Teachers Save Money With Redistributed School Supplies

Ruth's Reusable Resources offers teachers a variety of school supplies donated by more than six hundred businesses.

Are we doing kids a disservice by awarding trophies just for participation?

Do school uniforms build student character?

Should statistics and computer science, instead of calculus, be required in high school?

Should schools abandon the term "Redskins"?


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