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Would Teacher Independence Help Student Growth?

John Tulenko of Learning Matters Television talked to teachers from Mission Hill School in Boston, a teacher-led school, to see if teacher independence led to happier, more successful students.

Teacher: 'Movie Teachers Are Not Realistic'

"I understand that what we see in the movies is meant to be entertaining and make money. Plus, no one would pay a cent to spend leisure time watching a high school algebra teacher grade exams. But the myths these movies perpetuate are part of our cultural fabric, a result of which is that they have a subtle effect on the ongoing civic debate we conduct over public education, as well as the role and responsibilities of the teacher."

Study Finds Physical Activity Leads to Smarter Students

Recent studies show that students who participate in physical activity may have more "supercharged" minds than those who don't.

New Poll Finds President Obama Losing Public Support on Education Issues

According to a new Gallup poll, President Obama is rapidly losing support when it comes to the public and his education issues.

What Are The Nine Steps to Save Public Education?

We need an education system that ensures that all students are known, valued and respected by adults and peers.

Education Advocate: "We Need to Help Coach Good Teachers"

Good teacher development is about technique. It's about repeatedly practicing the same very specific skills, getting a little better with each repetition, and then putting your own spin on the material only when you've become a master.

Bill Gates Gives Advice to America's Teachers

Bill Gates recently sat with Katie Brown, Washington state's Teacher of the Year. There, they talked about issue with education, best practices, and more.

Survey Highlights Teacher Spending on Back-to-School Supplies

A recent survey shows that teachers spend an average of $513 out-of-pocket money on classroom supplies for back-to-school.

Teachers Learn Guitar-Building to Encourage STEM in Classrooms

“This is so cool. Who wouldn’t want to build a guitar? It’s a great hook for students.” -Nikki Grottano

Chromebooks Take Over Classrooms With Sales Topping 5 Million

Chromebooks are topping the education world with sales reaching 5.2 million with a 79% increase over sales for 2013.


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