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Does technology make it easier for students to cheat?

Should students grade their teachers?

Yes, teachers will learn how to improve when they are evaluated by students.
86% (12 votes)
No, students don't have all of the necessary information to evaluate teachers properly.
14% (2 votes)
Total votes: 14

Schools Continue to 'Flip' Their Classrooms Nationwide

Schools in Utah have hopped on the national bandwagon to flip their classrooms in order to help their students succeed.

Manufacturer Creates Chromebook Specifically for K-12 Classrooms

Senkatel has developed and introduced the C1101 Chromebook for the K-12 education market.

Editorial: Don't Take Public Education for Granted

"It’s simply amazing, this institution called public education, and we forget that sometimes while we’re taking it for granted."

School Districts Across Country Go Mobile to Keep Parents Informed

In order to enhance communication with parents and guardians, schools around the country are making their school websites mobile.

Blast From The Past: Rules for Teachers in 1872

HamletHub.com looks at an excerpt from the book, Socrates to Miss Crabtree: Teaching Through the Ages, and what it was like to be a teacher in 1872.

Special Education Teacher Explains Why Teachers Don't Give Up

Michelle Rogers, who works for the Roanoke City school system, explains why special education teachers do not give up, even as a number of teachers with other specialties leave the profession.

High School Teacher Offers 29 Tips for New Teachers

"Take yourself seriously. Take your work seriously. Take the work you assign and the classroom you keep seriously. Your kids will in return take it seriously."

Veteran Teacher: 'The Problem Isn't Tenure'

The debate over teacher tenure is unlikely to go away. California educator David B. Cohen takes the view that tenure is the right to due process rather than a "lifetime job guarantee."


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