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Special Education Teacher Explains Why Teachers Don't Give Up

Special Education Teacher Explains Why Teachers Don't Give Up

While some teachers are leaving the profession across the nation, it is important to recognize that there are still countless teachers who have decided to continue to "ride the ongoing waves of public education."

So says Michelle Rogers, a special education teacher in the Roanoke City school system. Rogers returned to school this week, and shares her opinon as to "why teachers don't give up" with Rogers said she works with a group of educators that would "leave you speechless if you were to witness the heart and soul they put into their teaching every single day."

"There are those of us who have given up on the system and there are those of us who, regardless of what the state or federal government may say, are going to keep on keepin’ on," she said. "Why, you ask? Why would anyone want to deal with the testing, the funding cuts, the stress, the pressure? I have an answer for you: the kids."

Rogers said there are teachers who do not want to quit their jobs because "we continue to have hope and believe that regardless of all of those things that we cannot control, we are changing the lives of our kids every day in a positive way."

"Kudos and congratulations to all the new teachers who, regardless of all those blogs and articles, chose to continue to pursue this career," she said. "Kudos to the secretaries and bookkeepers for spending hours upon hours getting everyone registered and into a class. Kudos to support staff and specials teachers for helping everywhere all of the time whenever help was needed."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor 

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