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High School Teacher Offers 29 Tips for New Teachers

High School Teacher Offers 29 Tips for New Teachers

A new school year has arrived, and for some teachers, this might be their first time entering the classroom.

New teachers need advice, and plenty of it, from veteran teachers and other education experts. They want to make sure that they can succeed and give their students the best education possible. Calee Prindle, high school teacher, wrote an article on The Huffington Post offering new teachers "29 pieces of advice" in a recent article. She starts the list by stating: "teaching = relationships."

"Kids do work for you. Don't feel like they aren't taking ownership over their learning when they say 'I did your homework' or 'You're lucky I did your work.' What that really means is,'I know you care that I do this, and I care about you,'" she said. 

Another tip looks at classroom behavior, and Prindle suggests that new teachers should pay attention to the disruptive kid in class. 

"The disruptive kid in class is usually arrogant," she said. "He/she is this way because he.she is trying to overocmpensate; he/she really doesn't feel great. Make him/her feel and believe he/she is even when you want to put him/her in his/her place," she said. 

"When you think you've learned enough to make an advice list about teaching, just look down the hall to the classroom with the veteran teacher who grew up in the community and has taught in your school for 20+ years," she finished. "He or she could write an advice that would put your little list to shame. Read his or hers, take it in and at the same time, leave it be."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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