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School Districts Across Country Go Mobile to Keep Parents Informed

School Districts Across Country Go Mobile to Keep Parents Informed

In order to stay better connected with parents and become more efficient, school districts around the country are launching new apps offering parents a look into what's happening in their school systems. 

Brevard Public Schools in Florida is following this trend, and currently offers information on its middle and high school on its app, such as dismissal delays and attendance alerts, said The district decided to redesign its website and include a mobile feature after discovering that around 45% of parents access websites on their smartphones. 

"All of a sudden, a mom can see a message has dropped [in the app] that John isn't in school today," said Michelle Irwin, district spokeswoman. Parents without accesss to the app can receive the messages through the website or via landline. The app also offers the school's calendar of events, student grades, and transportation schedules. The app is free to download.

A similar app was launched in Des Moines, Iowa, costing the district $18,500, the article said. The app offers parents the ability to download activity schedules, lunch menus, announcements, updates and find out about snow days.

“A lot of people just can’t afford to necessarily have a computer at home or to have Internet connection; well that’s changed in the past few years in terms of the accessibility of smartphones being really close to universal," said spokesman Phil Roeder. "And this is the way to access people, the computer that we carry around in our pocket."

Read the full story and learn more about states following this trend. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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