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Inauguration Day

Every four years on January 20, a president takes the Oath of Office during an inauguration ceremony.

Students Describe Qualities of Great Teachers

Good teachers become great when they view students as consumers with strong ideas about how their instructors should treat them as learners.

Group Balloon Hug

This fun and spirited activity can be used to build camaraderie at the start of the year or at any other time.

Teacher Training: A Matter of Timing

Teacher Training: A Matter of Timing

Caught in the Digital Divide | Digital Divide in Education

As record numbers of Americans go online, the gap between those who have access to technology and those who don't may be widening. Education World looks at the digital divide and what it means to educators. Included: Links to information and resources on the digital divide.

Mobile Technology Goes to School

Matt Cook's fifth graders use cell phones to enhance learning.

How to Blog With Young Students

Find helpful tools and tips for starting your own class blog.

Closure Activities for the End of the School Year

Providing closure at the end of the school year allows both students and teachers to let go of the past and move forward into the future.

Getting Organized In the Midst of Chaos

Do you find yourself staring at all those piles of papers on your desk and wishing they would just disappear? If so, perhaps it's time to get organized.


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