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Group Balloon Hug


This fun and spirited activity can be used to build camaraderie at the start of the year or at any other time. For the activity, you will need to arrange your staff into teams. P erhaps grade-level staff members will work together as a team, or this might be an opportunity to create teams of people who seldom get the opportunity to interact. Give each team a set number of balloons (perhaps 20) and an extra-large (XXL) T-shirt. Before you explain the activity, ask each team to choose one team member to put on the T-Shirt. Then explain the activity: Team members must blow up the balloons and stuff them into the T-Shirt. Once all the balloons are stuffed into the T-Shirts, the first team to pop all of the balloons by hugging wins!

Another Thought or Two

  • You might arrange this activity into two separate prize-winning opportunities: do the balloon-stuffing activity first and give a prize to the winning team, and then do the hugging activity and award a second prize.
  • Instead of mixing male and female staff members, you might choose to create teams of males and teams of females.

Mark Lukert, principal (retired), Lakeside Elementary School, Coppell, Texas
If you would like to learn more about Mark or the workshops he conducts through his consulting company, Precision Team Building, contact him through his Web site,



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