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Lesson Plan Booster: Clothing and the First Amendment

This lesson uses the issue of student clothing to teach about First Amendment issues.

Top 8 Keys to a Great Parent Open House

Every teacher knows that a great Open House experience can set a positive tone and establish good parent-teacher communication for the whole year.

Book Review: Stray Dogs, Saints and Saviors

More like a thriller than your run-of-the-mill school turnaround story, this title is definitely worth a read. The author paints a gritty portrait that readers may find tough to believe.

Is bullying a problem on your district's school buses?

Tech in the Classroom: OtterBox Tablet Cases

OtterBox addresses the concerns of education officials who are wary of the beating young children can deliver to school equipment.

What message do participation awards send?

Neediest Students Lack Qualified Teachers

The fact that well-qualified teachers are inequitably distributed to students in the United States has received growing public attention. A new report from Center for American Progress presents possible solutions.

Motivating Teachers: Principals Share Best Ideas

EducationWorld caught up with several principals from around the country to find out what successful strategies they used this year to keep their teachers motivated. Here’s what they told us.

Summer Movies Focus on Education

The list of films that feature teachers or education is long and distinguished. Continuing this tradition, in summer 2011, Hollywood treats audiences to a run of films focusing on the classroom.

What do you do on your summer break?


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