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Tech in the Classroom: OtterBox Tablet Cases


What is it? The OtterBox is a protective iPad case that is specifically aimed at the educational market. With so many schools incorporating iPads into the curriculum, device protection has become paramount. OtterBox addresses the concerns of education officials who are wary of the beating young children can deliver to school equipment.

How does it work? The case is a clear, high-impact polycarbonate shell that embraces the device with inner coring and memory foam pads. A rugged, black silicone jacket provides shock and bump protection, while plugs keep the headphone jack, silent/screen rotation lock and 30-pin connector free of dust and dirt when not in use.

The OtterBox tablet case can take just about any punishment a student can throw at it.

A removable polycarbonate screen shield keeps the Multi-Touch display pristine when on the go, and an integrated viewing stand is built into the shield, providing the perfect typing angle or upright position.

All device features, including the back camera and volume rocker, remain fully functional.

How hard is it to use? Simply snap the iPad into the case and you’re done. It literally is that simple.

How well does it work? In a word, very. Hopefully kids aren’t going to toss their iPads off the roof of the school, but these cases will handily deal with anything a second-grader can dish out. The OtterBox is easily one of the toughest cases on the market.

How do I use it in the classroom? Tuck your devices into the case and forget about them. Gone are the days of constantly hovering over students as they use iPads. If they fall on the ground, or are dropped, bumped or otherwise manhandled, they will come out looking and working like new.


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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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