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Latest Education News
Teachers from yet another school district are unhappy about not receiving proper training for new disciplinary policies.
California officials have approved a state-wide curriculum that will be inclusive of LGBT Americans.
Facebook is pledging another $15 million in the name of computer science education.
A new study reveals how more women can be encouraged to enter--and stay in--the STEM pipeline.
Hillary Clinton talked education once again this month, this time with the AFT.
A New York task force is wary about ESSA implementation after its first official meeting.
ITSE has recognized Lexia Learning RAPID assessment as best in show.
Pokémon GO is raising some data security concerns considering a majority of its users are children and teens.
Why teaching evolution can get more students interested in science.
Includes resources for integrating comics into the classroom, too!
Gov. Rauner has publicly apologized for negative comments about teachers in 2011.
New York City is the latest school district to make changes in its discipline code to reduce suspensions in younger grades.
Find out more about Tim Kaine's education record.
The Obama Administration has released new materials designed to tackle the school-to-prison pipeline.
Over 30,000 teachers and education officials working in Turkey have been removed from their jobs.
One school district is using virtual learning to give teens more time to sleep.
Words With Friends has just released an education edition that's completely free.