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Latest Education News
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Early education workers are some of the lowest paid workers in the country despite their important jobs.
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A group of specialists comprised of doctors who specialize in sleep disorders from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine have released for the first time their suggestions on how much sleep kids should be getting.
The U.S. Department of Education will be recognizing 3 million U.S. students for academic achievement.
Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr. announced the winners today.
Another textbook developed for Texas Public Schools is receiving criticism.
Districts are increasingly finding it hard to find substitute teachers.
Why education should be a priority for helping refugee children.
Mississippi has had a reputation for lagging behind other states for quite some time, but over the past five years its leaders have been dedicated to reform.
Despite a decade of newfound understanding of the importance of early education, the percentage of unenrolled young learners has not changed.
The U.S. is missing two important components for making the teaching profession attractive.
Being friends with educators on social media could be beneficial for students. Find out how.
A new report analyzes the potential benefits of pre-k age 4 learning standards.
Seesaw is a digital portfolio app that is taking classrooms across the country (and world!) by storm.
Recruiting teachers of color is a priority in many districts nationwide.