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Partnership Between Google, New York Libraries Creates Coding Clubs for Summer Learning

Partnership Between Google and New York Libraries Creates Coding Clubs for Summer Learning

New York students will have an opportunity to learn valuable computer science skills over the summer thanks to a partnership between Google CS First and 26 public libraries in New York.

"Queens Library and Google have teamed up to teach about 300 kids how to code with the block-based programming language, Scratch, for two weeks. The library hopes to to increase kids’ confidence in using computer science and to demonstrate how computer science can impact their future careers,” THEJournal said.

The program is completely free and students in grades 4-8 are welcome to participate.

Sessions cater to students’ interests and skill levels. Each being a one-hour sessions, students will able to chose between classes that cover music & sound, storytelling, art, fashion design and friendship. For advanced students, complex animation and game design classes are available, too.

Google CS First is a free program determined to providing students access to computer science programs in-school, after school and over the summer.

Specifically, Google CS First goals are to increase student confidence when using computers, provide students with courage to try new things, and teach students the “positive impact that CS has on careers and communities.”

According to THEJournal, more than 4,600 schools have participated in Google CS First so far.

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Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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