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Latest Education News
Maine's Department of Education is working with Apple to replace iPads in schools.
Detroit Public Schools is in a tough spot to recruit hundreds of teachers before next school year.
Harvard is using its largest single donation ever received to fund research of early education.
A report regarding disciplinary measures in Virginia schools has revealed some alarming findings.
An app is addressing teachers' need to better engage with parents.
Minecraft: Education Edition is now available for schools to test out.
IT leaders have revealed school technology trends from this year.
Hoarse throats and achy muscles are a common thing for many teachers.
11 states are refusing to comply with this month's directive concerning transgender students.
Keyboarding is being emphasized in earlier grades to prepare students for a digital world.
This speech from Harvard Master's of Education graduate Donovan Livingston is a must-see.
Find out where the Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate William Weld stand on education issues.
Read more about a test that could soon represent a prominent challenge to the SAT and ACT.
Studies have shown that students who miss more school are less likely to succeed, so addressing attendance is a priority.
A report reccomends ways the U.S. can improve computer science, including going beyond teaching just coding alone.
This educator is urging peers to fight against being silenced throughout the standardized testing process.
A new paper suggests paraprofessionals represent a missed opportunity to support the increasing number of dual language learners in U.S. schools.
Finding alternatives to medication for children diagnosed with ADHD is supported by another study.
A new report finds high school suspensions can end up costing society billions of dollars.