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Latest Education News
Highlights from Hillary Clinton's National Education Association speech.
Contrary to popular belief, children of immigrants tend to do worse academically when compared to first generation parents despite fewer obstacles.
Microcredentials represent an exciting PD opportunity.
A new comprehensive report of all 50 states and Washington, D.C. has found that the early educator workforce is in dire need of help possible from policy reform.
The Department of Education announced new recommendations for reducing testing under ESSA.
Colorado education officials are some of the first to outwardly criticize ESSA.
Michigan’s latest move highlights a serious disconnect between state and education officials.
A school district in Florida is revealing positive results after using an online music education tool.
Amazon was forced to remove several materials from Inspire after educators complained of copyright infringement.
Trump and Clinton supporters can surprisingly agree on one thing.
The launch of a digital library will help Tennessee schools replace obsolete textbooks this school year.
These occupations are most likely to have children who will go on to be teacher applicants.
Another study indicates the growing need for Americans to be taught financial literacy early on.
Robots as teaching aids are an increasing trend in the K-12 classroom these days. Do you want more training to use robots in your lessons?
What do social media and the climate change debate have in common?
How do educators feel about Pokemon GO in the classroom?
Find out where Mike Pence stands on education.
Tennessee is determined to making testing a more effective means of student assessment, and state efforts have resulted in significant changes to state testing for next school year.