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Online Tool Helps School Districts Improve Music Education Programs

Online Tool Helps School Districts Improve Music Education Programs

Music education advocates received a breath of fresh air when for the first time ever, the Every Student Succeeds Act included music education in its definition of a well-rounded education.

Now, more positive news for music education is coming from the School District of Osceola County, Florida after five schools within the district successfully finished up a three-month pilot program using an online music education tool.

Specifically, the district hoped that its partnership with Live Music Tutor would help it strengthen its string program; despite having 21 programs in the district, it only has four specialized string teachers employed.

Given the fact that music teachers, particularly specialized ones, are increasingly difficult to employ, the district became part of the pilot program with Live Music Tutor in hopes that the online program could personalize music instruction for the schools’ variety of learners.

"This pilot hopes to make a significant impact on the district's music programs by assisting students that are currently without access to music lessons for specific string instruments or skill level. Live Music Tutor will provide real-time, interactive lessons to these students from experienced teachers all around the world through its technology,” said Ted Gee, cofounder of Live Music Tutor, in a statement back in March.

After completing the pilot program, the district is now revealing how its collaboration went.

Debbie Fahmie, Fine & Performing Arts Resource Specialist for the district described the pilot program as a “win-win all the way around,” according to a statement from Live Music Tutor.

Gee said the pilot program exceeded their expectations, and he’s optimistic that Live Music Tutor will serve as an important tool for districts across the country looking to strengthen their music education programs under ESSA.

"Given that school districts will need to revitalize their programs to meet this new requirement for music education, Live Music Tutor's success as a top-quality, cost-effective resource for completely customizable supplemental instruction could be the roadmap to a long-term solution for helping school districts meet that mandate and improve students' overall performance,” Gee said in the statement.

Read more about the successful pilot program here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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