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School District Seeks to Strengthen String Programs With Streaming Music Lesson Service

School District Seeks to Strengthen String Programs With Streaming Music Lesson Service

This month, the School District of Osceola County, Florida will be partnering with Live Music Tutor to provide supplementary music lessons to students in select schools’ string programs.

Live Music Tutor is an online platform "where people can stream live music lessons between instructors and students around the world.”

It will be donating all lessons for the pilot program to provide to string programs in Gateway High School, Parkway Middle School, Boggy Creek Elementary School, and Narcoossee Middle School.

The Osceola County has 21 total string programs available to students with only 4 employed specialized string teachers. The district hopes its new partnership will help students access lessons for specific string instruments and skill levels previously unavailable to them.

"This pilot hopes to make a significant impact on the district's music programs by assisting students that are currently without access to music lessons for specific string instruments or skill level. Live Music Tutor will provide real-time, interactive lessons to these students from experienced teachers all around the world through its technology,” said Ted Gee, cofounder of Live Music Tutor, in a statement.

The pilot program kicks off this month, which just so happens to be Music In Our Schools Month. It is expected to run until June 2016.

" Once the pilot ends, data and statistics gathered from the master lessons will be presented to the assistant superintendent of the district and each school board involved to determine the impact of this supplemental music education program, said Live Music Tutor in its statement.

Read more about Live Music Tutor here and the School District of Osceola County here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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