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What Teachers Think About Pokémon GO’s Educational Benefit

What Teachers Think About Pokémon GO’s Educational Benefit

Teachers have taken to social media in recent days to discuss whether or not the cultural phenomenon has a place in the classroom. Here are some thoughts from all sides of the spectrum from your fellow peers:

1.“We as teachers don’t need to poach every thing kids like and try [to] use it for learning.”

This Reddit user just wants to let the kids enjoy the game. I’m sure he or she has a lot of teachers who agree, especially given all the OTHER tools you’re trying to adapt to the curriculum!

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2.“I’m definitely considering setting up an extra curricular thing around it next year…”

"I'm definitely considering setting up an extra curricular thing around it next year. I do a lot of gaming in my class already but haven't quite yet worked out how to weave my curriculum into it,” says Reddit user nwgnr.

The idea of setting up extracurricular groups to catch Pokémon has crossed many teachers' and administrators' minds, and if the trend lasts, could be a staple of next school year.

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3. “Let’s have a moment of silence.”

Twitter user Greg Jeffreys brings up something that has been on many teachers' minds: Will the app interfere with classroom instruction? While kids may be more likely to be chatty about the game during class time, the game does require users to move around, so this could be a reason not too lose too much sleep over it.

4. A reason for U.S. math teachers to rejoice:

According to this article shared by elementary educator Sandy J, U.S. math teachers have something to be excited about when it comes to the app:


5. Can gym teachers expect more active students? 

Can gym teachers be excited for a more physically fit lot of students this upcoming school year?


6. Students and teachers can actually have something in common.

The popularity of this app makes it a lot easier for students and teachers to find out they have something in common. You might not have to try so hard to relate to your students this year--a simple statement of your trainer level will suffice!


7. However you chose to do it, just embrace it!

Says Reddit user IronTeach: “

"I was hoping to use it during our free lunch period to get some kids to walk around the school. I'm hoping that if they're given time with it then they won't be on it in class.

I also play it, so I'm thinking of using it to get kids writing. I teach English and already know there will be great stories to tell.

I find its better to embrace something like this with my students because the more they enjoy my class the more they'll learn.

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How do YOU feel about Pokemon GO as an educator? Share your thoughts by commenting and taking our poll!

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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