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Latest Education News
New Jersey is going against the grain by requiring students to pass PARCC exams in order to graduate.
How would you prefer to communicate with parents this school year?
Newly released test results from the first Connecticut SAT School Day have shown that not all students seem to be college ready.
Teacher-created online consignment stores are designed to save fellow teachers money on an annual basis.
New research from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia has revealed some interesting findings about the effect technology might have on student learning.
Clock-making teen's family has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the district that arrested him for suspicions of making a bomb.
A national competition is helping young playwrights flourish.
A new paper documents the steady decline of teacher pay.
A new post documents why teachers have a difficult time implementing potentially useful education research.
Positive teacher-student relationships might be more effective for reducing aggressive behaviors than specific intervention programs.
The GAO has issued a report recommending the DOE evaluate its past experiences to better oversee ESSA implementation.
Florida's Best and the Brightest program is expanding in some districts.
A Silicon Valley partnership is helping bring student-centered learning to schools.
Colorado is debating whether or not to keep a ban on diet soda in its schools.
The 74 will be publishing a new book on public charter school success at the end of the month.
The technology company is also providing training for educators.
A new study has found tech outweighs students in Vermont.
Take full advantage of the election season this school year!
This is the first day of the rest of your life. Take charge.