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Parental Engagement Apps Are All the Rage, but Some Parents May Prefer 'Old School' Notes

Parental Engagement Apps are All the Rage, but Some Parents May Prefer Old School Notes

There seems to be an app for everything these days, even for parental engagement. Having success with engaging parents in their children's school progress is a critical component to having a successful school year, so of course there’s a natural inclination to see what digital options have to offer.

But as Education Dive points out, not every parent will be receptive to using an app to communicate, especially since parents aren’t the digital natives that your students are.

While you may be used to your students being receptive to new app technology, it’s unlikely that every parent will be the same way.

Education Dive makes the valid point that some parents may still prefer a simple e-mail, or even a handwritten notice. For that reason, Education Dive recommends that schools take a survey at the start of each year to find out what is the best method for each teacher to use when communicating with their students’ guardians.

Education World would like to know: what method would YOU prefer to use when communicating with parents as a K-12 teacher? Take our poll.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor

How would you prefer to communicate with parents?

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