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Latest Education News
Analysis of Donald Trump's potential tech and innovation views has found his proposals to be lacking.
In order to meet global education goals, the U.N. says in a recent report that new measures must be adopted.
Why body language in teaching matters.
A new partnership between Sesame Workshop and Teachstone is providing educators with a new kind of professional development.
A look at companies' tendencies to attract hard-working professionals they know earn low pay—including teachers.
In early education news, a new state report breaks down quality pre-K classrooms by the numbers.
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Donald Trump finally elaborates on how he would support public education if elected president.
Raspberry Pi is releasing a starter pack bundle to accompany and improve the affordable device.
Arne Duncan elaborates on his efforts to reduce violence and improve education in Chicago.
Connecticut officials must make sweeping reform to the state's education system in just six months.
A great resource for getting students excited about fall with topical activities.
Career and Technical Education in the U.S. is expected to receive a modern update today.
Extensive research indicates improving sex ed should be on the global agenda.
Is there potential for facial recognition technology in the classroom? A Chinese professor thinks so.
Check out these 17 learning activities made possible by Play-Doh.
A recent survey finds American citizens are in need of better civic education.
Human Rights Watch is advising schools to consider how banning facility access can have adverse effects on transgender students.
A new report details how recent efforts to push computer science in K-12 schools has translated to state policy.