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Test in Development Stages Poised to Challenge Dominance of SAT and ACT

Test in Development Stages Poised to Challenge Dominance of SAT and ACT

The Vector Assessment of Readiness for College (Vector ARC) is being touted by many anti-Common Core individuals as a long-awaited alternative to the dominance that the SAT and ACT have over college and career standards.

Currently in beta testing with a version of the test soon to be released, many are optimistic that Vector ARC has a chance to take on the two testing giants.

"Vector ARC markets itself as a cheaper, better alternative to the SAT and ACT, and its creators claim it will only test students on the information they actually need to be successful in college and later in life, focusing heavily on the classical Western educational standards of the past,” said executive editor of The Heartland Institute in a Forbes piece.

"In another words, students won’t need to be in a classroom that teaches to a novel, highly technical test in order to successful. If students have the skills that have been considered essential for centuries in Western nations, they will do well on the Vector ARC test.”

Stop Common Core in Washington State says that Vector ACR’s benefits are that it’s free from subjective scoring, free from socio-economic advantage and most importantly free from bias to any specific curriculum standards that have been routinely changing from state-to-state.

Many experts say it’s a perfect time for an SAT and ACT alternative to emerge as parents and community members continue to crave individualized alternatives for their students.

This week alone, it’s been highlighted by Education Week… twice.

It’s unsure when the Vector ARC test will circulate for review following beta testing, but it is sure that the hype surrounding the early stages of the test reveal that many people are ready for alternatives to break through.

Read more about Vector ACR here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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