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Educator Speaks Out Against ‘Silencing of Teachers’ Through Non-Disclosure Agreements

Educator Speaks Out Against ‘Silencing of Teachers’ Through Non-Disclosure Agreements

A passionate educator named Raz recently spoke out against part of the standardized testing process that rarely gets mentioned--the non-disclosure agreements that educators must sign to ensure they will not speak out about the test or face consequences.

"The public at large must grasp the silence being imposed on professionals and children. Any of us involved in the testing in any way had to do a proctor training… we are in the business of teaching… and yet this is just another time zapper robbing educators of precious planning time and a hoop we all must jump through,” Raz writes.

She references a peer who refused to sign such an oath to secrecy throughout the testing process, promising only to not publicly speak out about the contents of the test but not the test itself.

"We need parents, our union leadership, legislators, and anyone else in positions of influence to be active in this issue. WHO gets to see their secure content that is so creating the data that is DRIVING decisions affecting kids’ lives? Driving school ratings. Driving real estate values. Apparently I don’t, or I risk being fired for insubordination,” Raz’s peer writes.

Raz urges her fellow educators to do the same, to refuse silence against the moments that make them question the standardized testing process in general.

Read her full post here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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