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Latest Education News
A group of Canadian researchers have found that many bullying prevention programs are costly, time-consuming, but ineffective.
The federal government is giving science teachers a great opportunity for a classroom science project.
Donald Trump said he would abolish gun-free zones in schools on his first day in office. Well, will he?
These facts about Memorial Day are great for classroom trivia.
The results are in for the first-ever Nation's Report Card for technology and engineering literacy.
A recent study looks at when teacher pay started becoming less competitive in every single state.
This is not good news for schools and districts that just invested into one-to-one intiatives.
It is unclear how the Department of Education will proceed as legislators from several states say they refuse to comply with its new directive.
Time is running out to submit reccomendations for ESSA implementation to the U.S. Department of Education.
The debate over animal dissection in K-12 classrooms continues.
A new report reveals schools are becoming more and more segregated despite efforts to close the achievement gap.
A school district in Virginia is trying out virtual educators to fill science and foreign language needs.
Inspired himself by a nine-year-old visitor to the White House, President Barack Obama has decided that having a team of kid science advisors is a good idea to better understand the needs of students learning STEM.
Check out this week's latest news in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
Google Q & A allows live feedback for Google Slides. Education World gives some tips on how to integrate it.
The Hawaii State Department of Education is asking for individuals to apply for teaching vacancies only if they are qualified due to a recent influx.
Liberal arts studies could be in trouble of Donald Trump becomes President.
A new app is teaching children empathy through the first digital extension of its creator's reading program.
The leading presidential candidates debated guns in schools over the weekend.
Detroit Public Schools faces more problems as the district struggles to get ready for next school year.