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Director of Donald Trump’s Campaign Says He Would Legislate Against Liberal Arts Studies

Director of Donald Trump’s Campaign Says He Would Legislate Against Liberal Arts Studies

While many in the education community collectively agree that liberal arts studies have an important place in a well-balanced education, Donald Trump’s campaign revealed recently that the controversial nominee would actively make it harder for students to pursue those kinds of studies.

"Sam Clovis, the national co-chair and policy director of Trump’s campaign, outlined for Inside Higher Ed the ideas that the presumptive GOP nominee is preparing to put forth,” said Slate Magazine.

Part of that included making it "harder for those wanting to major in the liberal arts at non-elite institutions to obtain loans.”

When outlining the policies, Clovis reportedly acknowledged that many of Trump’s education policies will be highly criticized and even fought against.

"Clovis said he expects some higher education leaders to react the same way as Trump outlines these ideas in the fall campaign. He said the campaign remains open to ideas as long as they put the emphasis on student success in ways that have more impact than efforts of past administrations,” the article said.

Later on in the article, Clovis spoke more bluntly about his and Trump’s thoughts on liberal arts.

“If you are going to study 16th century French art, more power to you. I support the arts ... But you are not going to get a job,” he said.

He went onto say while liberal arts is important for subjects like engineering and business, there are “issues” with strictly focusing in a given liberal arts subject unless a student is go to a prestigious university like Harvard.

Clovis had other controversial things to say, as well. When it comes to the subject of free higher education or plans to help students graduate debt-free, Clovis said Trump is an “unequivocally no” on that one.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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