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App Teaches Learners the Important Skill of Empathy

Empathy is becoming widely recognized as a skill that should be taught in classrooms, but there aren’t a whole lot of tools out there that help already-busy teachers do so.

Non-profit organization RedRover is looking to change that with its first digital extension of its reading program that is designed as a resource for children ages 7-11 in both classrooms and at-home to teach children empathy skills.

Screenshot from The Restricted Adventures of Raja




Specifically, The Restricted Adventures of Raja teaches children about having empathy towards animals to build a strong foundation of empathetic skills.

The app promotes vital social and emotional skills like social-awareness, decision-making, and self-awareness through its variety of features.

When using the app, learners will be provided "fun facts about animals that will help kids: recognize emotions in cats and dogs, compare and contrast similarities and differences between people and animals, and increase their respect and understanding of cats and dogs (increase ‘coolness' and likeability of cats in particular).”

According to the organization's CEO, Nicole Forsyth, the app is intended to teach children the skills of developing better relationships with people throughout their lives by first connecting with animals.

It’s the same idea as caring for and nurturing for, say, a classroom pet, but in an easier-to-implement and resource-included way. And studies have time and time again proved the value of activities like keeping a classroom pet when it comes to teaching social and emotional skills.

"Success navigating emotional states has been linked with academic and social success, and a literature-based intervention, like RedRover Readers offers, is a proven method to increase the skills linked to emotional competence and empathy,” said RedRover in a statement.

The Restricted Adventures of Raja is additionally a useful resource because it’s aligned with the Common Core Standards, which most states currently operate under.

Find out more about the app and how to download it here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World

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