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Free Lesson Plan Creator, Marketplace Launches Today to Help Teachers Personalize Lessons With Ease

Free Less Plan Creator, Marketplace Launches Today to Help Teachers Personalize Lessons with Ease

Symbaloo, one of the largest resource management platforms in the world, as announced today the launch of its Lesson Plan creator, a free tool with premium feature options that lets educators design personalized lesson plans for students with ease.

"Combining an easy-to-use and fun tile platform for students with a custom lesson development system for educators, Symbaloo is empowering teachers to blend web and traditional resources into personalized lesson plans,” Symbaloo said in its statement.

According to Symbaloo, lesson plans made with the resource are gaming-style virtual resources that use the best educational resources on the web to comprise a polished final product.

In addition to providing educators with a unique platform to create lesson plans with, the Creator also includes a Lesson Plan Marketplace full of lesson plans created by teachers who tested the product.

"During the testing for the beta version of Symbaloo Lesson Plans, teachers have created thousands of lesson plans that are shared on the Lesson Plan Marketplace. Save time by using shared lesson plans available for any topic, standard, or grade level,” Symbaloo said.

Symbaloo also touts its new platform as helping teachers achieve personalized learning by creating content suitable for every student’s educational needs.

"In the long run, the accumulated analytics will give insight into the learning abilities of every student, so that teachers can tailor lesson plans to each student's educational needs. Currently, teachers can create differentiated paths according to the learning styles of the individual students, and can easily blend most digital content into lessons using a platform akin to building a music playlist.”

Learn more about the Lesson Plan Creator by reading here and watching the video below.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor



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